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02/11/09 12:50 PM #1    

Gay Minner (Coler)

Welcome to the Wilmington Area High School Class Of 1959 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/08/09 05:37 PM #2    

Gay Minner (Coler)

Suzanne, I think it is a place on the Website where those who go into the website can visit and answer any notes that are there like yours. I don't think it sends a message back to you via email. Let me know if you get this via email.


09/29/09 06:51 PM #3    

Suzanne Sechler (Snyder)

Dear Gay,

I have had lots to do and this is my first chance to put my feet up!! OH, that feels good! I spent yesterday with Mom, she was hanging on my every word! Since then, I've remembered more stories she will enjoy!

The weekend was just a dream. As Beth said, you think about it for so long and it is over so fast! We were thrilled with the events and can never thank you enough for all of your creativity, dedication and hard work.

I forgot to thank your ( very young looking ) husband for sharing you!!!! Please pass on my appreciation!

You and I passed like ships in the night, we were never in the same part of the room! Five years from now (God willing) I'll target you for a visit!



10/10/09 05:26 PM #4    

Richard Houston

i wish to thank everyone who attended our 50th reunion. it was great to see old friends and renew others. i had a super time and it was the best. again thank you all, dick houston

10/15/09 02:34 PM #5    

Diana Shaw (Huff)

Hi Classmates...I just want to tell each of you how much I enjoyed chatting with you. Fifty years is a long time to cover in one night, but I think we all made a valiant effot.

To Gay and the committee, many, many thanks. Each of you so willingly gave your time and talent to make the evenings so very special for all of us. I really missed being a part of the committee (as I have been in the past), but the distance was just too great for this one. You all did a fabulous job.

Visiting with everyone made the years simply disappear. I am so glad that I was able to share with all of you. Please remember to give me a call the next time you come to Vegas. I go to the Strip quite regularly and would be delighted to meet you.

Thanks again....Diana Shaw Huff

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